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hey there! welcome to my lil' site. my name is chris. now,if you think this sux, then oh well...because i'm not very good at making these anywayz so BITE ME! but, if you would look over the page...and tell me what you think about it...don't forget to sign the guest book!

watch out for the killer bees! *hehe* that's for you toria! below i have a "table o'contents" refered to as soup of the day...that's just some stuff kinda bout' people and hobbies.....look at it!

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"The Pain"

She looked up
She almost thought the sky would crush her
The pain she'd been in made every day black
Her stomache ached nautiously, as she sobbed
Finally, she collapsed to the ground
She didn't feel anything, though she was
Numb with the cold, dirty ground
"What have i done?" she screamed
In horror, her heart pumped, and
Her eyes gazed.....with her last strength
She put her hand to the sky, then clenched
As her eyes rolled back, and her spirit was freed
From the pain.

"The Scream"

i ran as the wind rushed through my vanes, i felt as though a hand of ice had slowly carressed my face to the bone,
and it stung like fire, trying to think i strait i ended up falling to my feet, one, two, three....i bursted into tears.
my rage had come over me, i began stabbing someone in the heart with my knife......
i didn't know who they were, but i proceeded.
thrush! thrush! i swiped the knife out, and licked the blood.
i suddenly burst, as into flames.
i then turned to see a distant figure coming after me.
it was then i realized what i had done. i began to look up at the blue, forbidden sky,

*you're probably wondering...what the HELL were you thinking...well, i could't really aswering that, i guess i was wrote what i was feeling.