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This page is dedicated from me to you. You're a major part of my live and I'm not afraid to say 'I love you.' This is, what you might say, a 16th of the way I feel for you. I hope you like it. The fact is, you're the world to me. It's plain and simple that you mean more to me then life. And the reasons by now should be obvious. To start, you showed me what love is, given me a reason to wake up and be who I am. Have a yearning, a passion for something in my life. Know that there's someone out there who loves me too, someone that I'm able to share an eternal friendship with forever. You're part of my survival. I can't lie, it's possible for me to live without you, but it's impossible for me to forget you, or what we have together. You'll always be my best friend, and I'll always love you. I promise. Everyday I have a pain in my stomach that wants you, just to be with you. Some peoples perogotive's are to get to 'the next base' or 'score a touchdown.' I rather just spend quality time with you, spend my life with you. I realize I can't be with you all the time yes, but I'd like to be with you all the time except for maybe one second of each day. I love you.

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