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  about me name is chris...well, chris-mon. i like to play sports, hang out with friends, go to the movies, go to parties, and have a good time...and i play the viola, which is this insturment...anywayz, i was born in houston texas...which i lived there for about 6 years...that was alright...but it's really hot there, and that seemed to get on my nerves alot. i had some friends there including josh, maddie, and ally. they were all kewl. my next door neighbor was heather, she's alot older than me, but i went to her house alot. my brother's best friend ben had a sister...she used to baby-sit me...and she thought i was sooooo cute. well after these "six years," we planned to move because of my dads' job. but i wasn't all that upset...(houston is not that great). we moved to colorado! it has the most beautiful scenery and so much outdoors stuff to do. i had a blast there, i'd also become a very popular first and second grader. :o) i made alot of friend there, but my two best friends were danny and andrea...we don't communicate that much anymore, but when i go we all usually do stuff together. then my dad got another job transfer...back to texas, yuk! i was really we were leaving i cried till' i couldn't see the mountains was sad. i landed here in fort worth. it was okay, i began to get used to it. i went to tanglewood elementry...really big prep school, but since i'm a prep, i was okay. it was okay there, then for middle school i went to mclean...which is where i am now, in the 8th grade...i've made the best friendships here, and i hope that they last forever. and i hope my dad doesn't get another transfer!!! :o)

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i have a mom, a dad...and a bro. my "bro"'s name is andy. he's cool. he's really tall, 6'7, and has a girlfriend who i don't really know. he plays basketball, and sometimes we go the moveies together...he calls me crisco. now my mom doesn't really do much, besides shopping and stuff like that all day...but she's cool, she takes me every where since i can't drive...damn! my dad works all day. he's awesome...he spoils me alot but that's kewl, we watch scary movies together all the time! my grandparents are cool, but they don't understand anyting about's a grandmother can cook like you wouldn't believe, and my grand father can make you laugh all the time. i have two cousins that are the bomb, allen and laura...they don't get along all the time...but i usually bring them together. my aunt is cool too, she laughs at everything...and is really easy to get along with!


i have a lot of start off with lets begin with lindsey, my girlfriend. she's hott, i mean, damn! she's funny and smart in all...perfect. now some guy who's my other friend is kewl, he thinkx she's hot too...duh. he's the biggest clown, he's hillarious. now he's got two wacky friends, nick and patrick...and they're twins. patrick is huge, and will probably end up playin' college football...nick is kewl & funny like jeremy. next comes ryan, ryan a. i mean. he's funny, and always makes me laugh...he makes fun of mrs.harrington. *l* speaking of ryan a., lets move on to ryan o. he's my very best friend! he's real tall and all, and very funny. now comes tyler, he's the dopest trip, not!!! he's seems all wierd, but he's really hillarious if you know him...he's also my very best friend. now comes lauren, she's kind of our "undistiguished" leader. the throws these awsome parties that everyone that's anyone goes to...and me and lindsey always end-up making out at them. now allison...laurens friend! i've gone to allison for advice thousands of times, she gets along w/everyone. becky is next...she's as perky as can be, i mean, if you need someone to cheer you up...go to her. now douglas...oh gosh, he's a high-pitched lil' *shut yo mouth* but he makes everyone laugh. now desiree, she's a horse. lyssa is obsessed with pictures, but she's cool and has the best laugh. crystal is bisexual, but she's kewl like that. and christinia has longer hair that a ladder. that's basically all my best friends!


i like building homepages, chatting on the internet, playin' sports, goin' to movies, hanging out with friends, go to my friend laurens parties, and changing my aol im screen name all the time which is currently criSco182. i like to be with my girlfriend lindsey, she's the prettiest girl ever...*besides britney spears*...but all the time that i'm with her i cherish.