bout' me
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uh, here we go now! name is chris...well, chris-mon. i like to play sports, hang out with friends, go to the movies, go to parties, and have a good time...and i play the viola, which is this insturment...anywayz, i was born in houston texas...which i lived there for about 6 years...that was alright...but it's really hot there, and that seemed to get on my nerves alot. i had some friends there including josh, maddie, and ally. they were all kewl. my next door neighbor was heather, she's alot older than me, but i went to her house alot. my brother's best friend ben had a sister...she used to baby-sit me...and she thought i was sooooo cute. well after these "six years," we planned to move because of my dads' job. but i wasn't all that upset...(houston is not that great). we moved to colorado! it has the most beautiful scenery and so much outdoors stuff to do. i had a blast there, i'd also become a very popular first and second grader. :o) i made alot of friend there, but my two best friends were danny and andrea...we don't communicate that much anymore, but when i go we all usually do stuff together. then my dad got another job transfer...back to texas, yuk! i was really we were leaving i cried till' i couldn't see the mountains was sad. i landed here in fort worth. it was okay, i began to get used to it. i went to tanglewood elementry...really big prep school, but since i'm a prep, i was okay. it was okay there, then for middle school i went to mclean...which is where i am now, in the 8th grade...i've made the best friendships here, and i hope that they last forever. and i hope my dad doesn't get another transfer!!! :o)