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Welcome to Chris' Cool Site!

Hey, my name is Chris. This is my nifty home page, and I hope you enjoy it. I like to hunt in my back yard, play the viola, and when I get time go out and play tennis. If you have aol im, put me on your buddy list, my screen name is cheeks1187. E-mail me, and tell me about your-self, hope you like it!

My Snazzy List of Links

Yahoo!: A cool search engine that will find you other cool websites.
Daisy Products: This is a nifty site for checking out airguns.
React: This is an awsome site for teen stories, news, and even advice. This is a great site for the n64 gaming system.
Soap on a Rope: This is my cousin's web site, and it's pretty funny.
Chris' gun gaming paintball and link page: this site is cool
Whipped by Girlfriend: This is my bro's site.
Rane's Page!: This is my friends site.
Techno Teen: This is the site for teens. This is a cool place to buy stuff.
AOL: Here you can get aol im!
Nolan's Picture Page!: This is a picture of my dog.